Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Poopdeck gets some sailin in!

I sailed out ter Antikikky a whiles back an' got thar jusk in time ter feask me peeper on some swell naval bakkles!
At firsk I was jusk watcherin' from tha docks, and was haverin' a good ol' time observerin' them bee-yoo-teeusk tall shipks shootin' at eaches other and sinkin'! Arf Arf Arf!

Soon enuffk, tho, one-a-da sea pea-rat cappings aksked me if'n I wanted ter man the guns! AkAkAkAkAk!
So's I climbered aboard an' commensked ter blowin' away the opperzishing!
Afkerwards, one a tha nice pea-rat ladies gived me a inner toob an' we floatered aroun' fer a whiles talkerin' about ther salty airs, pellykings, an' octerpussies!
An I didink even has one sipper wiskikky or rum!
Arf Arf Arf!