Friday, September 26, 2008

Tha Candies Fack'ry

I was walkerin abouk New Baggage tha otha day an I notisked a sweetishk smell comin from tha ol' burnded down fack'ry, so' I wenks bie ter takes a looks. Tha placek wuz all board upk but I finded me a knots hole ta peers me peeper thru...

Poopdeck Halfpint peers through a knot hole in the boards and sees the big fat chef inside

Enrico Nom: Well, dat's comin' along, dat is. Dem candies is shootin' out just like dey should.
Poopdeck Halfpint gazes in awe through the knot hole
Enrico Nom: Ain't gonner be too long before dey's ready for dat circus guy.
Poopdeck: Ahoys misker! >Poopdeck hollers through the knot hole<
Enrico Nom: Hey yas. We ain't open yet.
Poopdeck: I's jusk watchin' misker
Poopdeck: Dont means no harms
Enrico Nom: Well, dat's okay, I guess. All da secret ingredients is secreted.
Poopdeck: I doesink eats muchk candies anyhows
Poopdeck: I eats steaks an veggibles
Enrico Nom: Well, dat's good for yer, I guess. Ain't too good fer our business, though.
Enrico Nom: laughs
Poopdeck: Aye, well I didinks sez I doesink eats 'em at all.. jusk that I doesink eats 'em muchk.
Enrico Nom: Yeah, we got all dis fine machinery straight from Italy, where me an me bruddahs is from.
Poopdeck: Yers from It'ly?
Enrico Nom: You bet, me an me bruddahs, all I-talian. We's got awards an' tings for candy makin' from da king of Italy, even.
Poopdeck: Is yer brudders as big as you?
Enrico Nom: Naw, I's da biggest....cause I lifts the machinery an da crates, an' all dat.
Poopdeck: I bets it takes a strongish man ter lifks alla dat stuffk
Poopdeck: Garshk. Mebbe I oughter tries some wen iss ready
Enrico Nom: Yer sure should! Da first batch all back-ordered for da circus, though.
Enrico Nom: Ya might have ta visit da circus to gets yer some, at least for the first bit.
Poopdeck: I's goner be tha stonk man at tha circisk
Enrico Nom: Well, dere ya go den, you'll have plenty a chance.
Enrico Nom: Prolly even get it for free from yer boss.
Poopdeck: I'll prolly gits sum fer pay!
Poopdeck: Yer aint putin nuttin funny inyer candies is ya?
Enrico Nom: Funny? Naw, it's all-natural, sugar an' flavorin's mostly.
Enrico Nom: Da secret ingredients ain't all dat secret, just like when y'add a bit a one flavor t'spice anudder, an all dat.
Poopdeck: Does yer gots enny wots lime flavvered?
Enrico Nom: Well, me bruddah, Tony, he do all the flavorings. I'll ask him next time I sees him.
Poopdeck: I likes lime on accounta issa same color as spinnich
Poopdeck: laughs
Enrico Nom: >nods< Well, I know some uv da candy is green.
Enrico Nom: So yer probly in luck.
Poopdeck: Link mink or epple?
Enrico Nom: I don't think it's, mint, cause Tony, he don't like mint.
Poopdeck: laughs
Enrico Nom: Could be apple, er maybe lime.
Poopdeck: I sposes if he didink likes it.. He wouldink has no fun makerin it.
Enrico Nom: Dat's true, cause he gots to taste it. Hoo, an sometimes you should see da look on 'is face when it turn out wrong! Haw!
Poopdeck: laughs
Poopdeck Halfpint thinks maybe he'll sit here a spell and wait for the place to open
Enrico Nom: ((It'll still be awhile, by the days....))
Enrico Nom: I figger I can take a break for a bit.
Enrico Nom: Since all da machinery workin' fine.
Enrico Nom: It's catchin' up on all da candies.
Enrico Nom: Yeah, I jus' got da boxin' machine all put togethers.
Poopdeck: It shore lookeres likes iss workin purty good
Poopdeck: Looks likes iss goner be swell
Enrico Nom: Dat circus guy, he sure order a lot for a little guy.
Poopdeck: Mebbe he's got mouts ter feed
Enrico Nom: Yeah, mus' be expectin' folks ta visit 'is circus, or sumpin'. >guffaws<
Poopdeck: laughs
Poodeck tries to sit on the steps but ends up climbing up on Enrico
Poopdeck: Sorries abouk that!
Enrico Nom: Nuffin' to worry about. I gots to wash dis here suit every day, anyways.
Poopdeck: On accounta it gets all stickyishk from tha suggar?
Enrico Nom: Yeah, an da ingredients...dem flavorin's all...boiled down an dey gots strong colors.
Poopdeck: Yer suit looks plenny clean ter me rite now
Enrico Nom: Well, today, I just been puttin' together machinery, an' dey's all brand new.
Poopdeck: Aint got no dirty erl on 'em yet, eh?
Enrico Nom: Naw, just a bit a da machine oil , ter keep da rust off 'em in shippin. But I wipe 'em all down careful after I take 'em out da boxes.
Enrico Nom: Ain't like when I used to work meat packin'.
Poopdeck: I sposes thet kin kinder greasky and bluddishk
Poopdeck: Well dont lets me me keeps yer
Enrico Nom: Yeah, I gotta get back to it...still need some counters an' sinks an' the like.
Poopdeck: It wuz swell meeterin yer!
Enrico Nom: You too. Good luck with dat circus job.
Poopdeck: T'anks misker... ?
Enrico Nom: Oh, I never said...I's Rico...Rico Nom.