Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Poopdeck tries to visit the Abney Park Lab

After hearing of a newborn in New Babbage, Poopdeck Halfpint finds himself at the door of the Abney Park Laboratory of Professor Nareth Nishi.
But the door is closed and barred due to a radiation leak, This, however, does not prevent him from trying to see the baby...
Poopdeck hollers at the door...

Poopdeck: ahoy! I heerd thar was a infink here!
Nareth Nishi: Hello?
Poopdeck: Hello!
Nareth Nishi: Hello.
Nareth Nishi: Young man.... Behind you.
(Professsor Nishi appears behind the young lad.)
Poopdeck: Howd you do that lady?
Nareth Nishi: How did I do what?
Poopdeck: Get out sides like thet
Nareth Nishi: Well...I used the back door.
Poopdeck: Got any veggibles, lady?
Nareth Nishi: No, I do not have any vegatables.
Poopdeck: Got any bananners?
Nareth Nishi: No, no bananas, either.
Poopdeck: any wiskikky?
Nareth Nishi: Ah, now I might be able to help you there.
Poopdeck Halfpint smiles
Nareth Nishi: One moment.... Will vodka do?
Poopdeck: Vokka's good!
Nareth gives Poopdeck some Vodka
Poopdeck: Tanks lady
Nareth Nishi: You are quite welcome.
Poopdeck: I heerd you gots a infink inside dare? Kin I see im?
Nareth Nishi: Elenore is asleep just now.
Poopdeck: Oh - I doesnink wanna wakes 'er then
Nareth Nishi: No, we don't. She needs her rest. Is it really wise for one so young to smoke a pipe?
Poopdeck: I bin smokin a pipe all me long life
Nareth Nishi: Well..I suppose you may as well continue. I must get back to my work, but, take care.
Poopdeck: Okay. Tanks lady

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